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Spiritual Ascension Guidance and Support

Blekinge , Karlshamn

Spiritual Ascension Guidance and Support  Blekinge Karlshamn Sälj

Spiritual Ascension Guidance and Support.
(In Swedish & English)
Sometimes we are in a place that we feel, think and belive that we are not in power to cop with a situation or that we are not sure about over the next step to take in life.

Spiritual ascension guidance and support can take you through a deep personal journey. To assist you to examine some deep inner patterns about yourself and your action.To see and understand underlaying blocks, old emotional experiences or identifying old programming are all different ways to bring understanding and clarity in many areas into your life.

Our personal life experiences, some challenging chapter can be and serve as our greatest individual growth as well.

Understanding and clarity are two key roles that very much support you to heal yourself, the situation and others. By releasing old personal life experiences and old mind patterns that no longer serves you must take place to create new desired outcome.

This inner work is transformal. You are not a victim or a past event. You are your own creator and by turning into your own power and greater understanding, positive and new realities are in creation.

The Most important is you!
We all have the power inside of us to make the changes that we need to do.To materialise our dreams. To be and live the life we desire and truly want with best possible outcomes, in joy happiness and with with great love. We all can - its a choice.

Spiritual ascension guidance and support are more interactive and encourage you to being real to participate in the learning process and to assist you to move forward on the path of enlightenment.

As a Soul we know we have a mission on Earth to fulfill to balance karma and to grow and mature in Self-Mastery and make our ascension in the light.

Marie Ma-Ray Brandt is a Wayshower Catalyst and Empath with Clair Senses psychic Abilities.An Inspirer and Spiritual Teacher holding Compassion Unconditional Love and Ma-Ray Light to ALL Humanity And the Sacred code frequencies of 13-33-333 activations.

Sessions via Skype over the world
Identifying old programs
Identifying underlaying blocks
Emotional clearings and healing
Understanding and clarity
New and higher perspective
Mapping your life
Diffenrent tools
Spiritual Guidance from higher realms

In Swedish & English
Individual sessions
Couple sessions
Group sessions

For booking and information
+44747 5305903

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