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Prova på PSVR Virtual reality

Prova på psvr när som helst, hem till dig!
Unik upplevelse för alla, även de som inte är intresserade av video-spel.
Fira en födelsedagsfest, små evenemang, en kväll med vänner eller bara ensam: D
Jag pratar lite svenska, så texten följer på engelska:

Do you wanna dive with sharks? Fly the X-Wing from Starwars? Go on a robbery mission in shady London spots? Or get prepared for a zombie apocalypse ? get in Batman suit and solve crimes !
How about being inside a futuristic tank and shoot all kinda weapons and enemies? Or being a superstar cyber athlete? Space dogfights are your thing?
Sounds too intense? Then chill on alien beach with psychedelic visuals, spread your wings and fly all over Paris, solve puzzles and play some rhythm games and MUCH more !
How about all that coming to your living room? Gather some friends, or impress the family with an awesome experience. A small event at the office or a birthday party?

Rent PSVR now ! comes with lots of games, camera, motion controllers and everything else you need for the experience.
There's two options:

1-) Rent per day*: I come to your place, set it up and pick it 24 later (or more days if you want), you have the option of just renting the PSVR alone, with PS4 pro, or even with TV if you don't have one !
*(deposit required)

2-) Hire per hour: I'll come to your place, set it up, guide you through the experience, advice you what to try and when (to avoid motion sickness) and eat your snacks :p . When you're done, I'll pack it up and leave. Suitable if you got a party, small event, or even with friends and family, someone who want to try it before buying it, or don't have a deposit.

Games available (all are VR):
-Battle Zone - Rigs mechanized combat league
-Eagle Flight -VR Worlds
-Tumble -Thumper
-Batman Arkham VR -Star wars
-Resident Evil VII VR - Starblood Arena
-Play Room VR - Hustle Kings VR
-Until Dawn Rush Of Blood VR -And a bunch of free demos
If there's a game not on the list that you'd REALLY like to try let me know sometime before and I'll see what i can do :D

-rent per day (without PS4 pro): 350kr/day + deposit 3000kr
-rent per day (all inclusive): 450kr/day + deposit 6000kr
-Hire per hour (all inclusive): 250kr for two hours, 100kr for each extra hour.

*Suitable for kids from age 12 and above.

*Works well if you have glasses

*Some games are VERY scary and immersive! if you choose to try them on your own risk !

50kr discount if you live in Mjölby !

Only available in Östergötland county

(sokord: virtual reality glasses, virtuell verklighet glasögon, Playstation VR, horror, skräck, playstation 4 pro, rolig upplevelse, prova på)

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