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We live in a constantly changing world, filled with novelties and innovations. At Nawi Design, we believe that the solutions of the future are strongly based on the past. Time has shown us that it is only when old meets new that interesting things can happen. Modern adaptations open doors to new possibilities. Welcome to the world of Nawi Design!

Eco Secret ® III - Garden cellar / Shelter / Bunker

Thinking of an orderly and aesthetic room that can serve as a temporary shelter for you and your family, food storage and more, we have equipped this innovative space with shelves of maximum size. You can fit supplies for the whole family in here as well as a place to sleep.

Creative use of industrial processes, top quality raw materials and meticulous work have enabled us to create the high quality Eco Secret® garden cellar collection that is 100% made in Poland.

Technical parameters of Eco Secret® III:

Eco Secret® I is mainly designed for storing vegetables, fruits, drinks, all kinds of preserves and wines. It is made of materials that are approved for contact with food.
- Cellar dimensions 657 x 203 x 217 cm (length x width x height)
278 cm (total height)
- Inside entrance dimensions 89,6 x 104 cm
- Dimensions of entrance flap 111.8 x 123.2 cm
- The body of the cellar is made of polyethylene reinforced with ribbing and an arched vault, which has a great influence on its strength.
- Inside the cellar a frame made of spray-painted steel is installed, which strengthens the body and creates a support structure for the Eco Secret® shelves.
- Top of cellar insulated with polyurethane foam.
- Insulated access hatch fitted with stainless steel sleeves connecting the body with the hatch, bolted together, and gas springs to facilitate opening and closing. Flap in graphite with key lock.
- Ladder with 8 comfortable steps made of varnished plywood with slip resistance and handles to facilitate the use of the ladder.
- Light switch 1 pc.
- Vertical and horizontal (bottom shelf) shelf lighting with LED strips
- Mechanical ventilation with a hygrometer.
- Gravitational ventilation.
- Shelves and floor made of lacquered plywood with high resistance to water, thickness 15 mm.
- Load capacity of shelves - 90 kg / each (on the whole shelf - not point).
- Each shelf is mounted on a frame which gives it support over its entire length and width, so that its load capacity is the same at all points. This also prevents the shelves from deforming under the weight that is placed on them.
- Floor area: 9.0 m²
- Volume 25.5m³
- 230V socket outlet - 2 pieces
- Electrical box with fuses
- Eco Secret® III is completely buried under the ground, which means that we do not create mounds in our garden/plot that could disturb the architecture of the garden.
- Fully buried cellar makes the temperature in the cellar more stable.

* The photos show a sample arrangement of the shelter. This equipment is not included in the shelter you buy. The shelter you will receive will be equipped with a plywood construction (floor, shelves, wall)

For an additional fee it is possible to make 2 entrance hatches with ladders in the first and last module.

Assembly of the cellar is extremely easy and only takes 2 days!
We provide a transport service, which is additionally charged.
Unloading of the cellar on the customer's side.

We have the only display of all our garden cellars and pools in Europe! Come to us ;)

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